Process management
Audit and design of company management processes: business management, marketing and sales, customer service, IT, personnel, etc.
Identification and documentation of processes and their interaction, setting process performance criteria (eg, effectiveness, flexibility) and their methods of measurement, recommendations for improvements and development of their implementation techniques.

Product development
Development strategy for individual products or services, positioning, financial calculations, etc.
Product substantiation, accordance to meet market demands and trends, determination of product benefits, analysis of competitive products and substitute products, products market place, product promotion strategy in the market, product financial calculations – production and distribution.
A clear definition of the activities to be carried out.

Internal communications
Employee training and motivation strategies and campaigns.
Involvement of employees in the company and in creation of loyalty, new employee integration, staff professional development plan, use of employee’s abilities and skills in corporate development, while creating employee career growth; common development of innovations and ideas, decision-making.
Design of internal negations prevention mechanism. Employee involvement in product tests. Development of motivational strategy for the company in crisis situations.

Search of business contacts
Search of cooperation partners locally and internationally. Company presentation on the Internet – business networking, social networks, support for the company’s presentation in person – contact exchanges, businessmen meetings, preparing self-presentation materials in electronic and paper form.

Analysis of processes, marketing, products
Assessment of the current situation and recommendations for future improvements, strategy development and the streamlining.
Where is the company and what has been done? Current situation is determined and a number of scenarios are set .
Where does it want to be? Analysis of company development scenarios.
What is necessary to achieve the objectives? Recommendations and action plan development after setting a desired direction for growth and development. Explained the assessment methods of results achieved.

IT solutions
Consulting, website design, text optimization, translation, SEO optimization and audit.
Suitable hosting service and domain choice.

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