A full service marketing, sales promotion and public relations support.

Marketing management outsourcing
Everything you need for a successful marketing strategy creation and implementation – marketing specialist or marketing department work as outsource.
Collectivly setting objectives, starting work and monitoring. Detecting target audience, creating media plan, searching for best channel for communication with clients, evaluation of marketing activities. Marketing specialist training for company needs.
Transfer of Information and works to the company after creating a state marketing department in the company.
Work intensity accordingly to agreement, set hours or days per month.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM management)
Consultancy support for CRM system selection, design logic, daily-use management. Recommendations for CRM system creation / improvement in the company.

Audit, performance assessment and consulting
Marketing and sales department work, processes, strategies and plans, campaigns and employee performance evaluation and advices. Recommendations for performance improvement.
Integration of evaluation system in the compnay to assess further situations and detect weak points.

Development of marketing strategies and plans for existing or new company.
Analysis of market situation, consumers, partners and competitors, niche search, SWOT analysis.
Strategy development – segment selection, positioning; products; pricing, sales and communication strategy.
Analysis of the results, development of control system.

Collaborative management of your partners
Co-operation management with advertising, media, PR agencies, printing houses, manufacturers and others, representing your company.
Finding the best solution on the market and represented the company to achieve the most desirable outcome, using the extensive network of contacts. Locating partners, conclusion of contracts, discussion of orders and search for the best solutions.

Brand creation for idea (logo, values and communication strategy), to brand change management.

Sales argumentation
Development of new sales argumentation or improvement of an existing one, testing, employee training.

Public Relations
Communication audit for a particular time period, development of communication strategy.
Media relationship management and recommendations, training of customer personnel to communicate with the media, providing media monitoring and analysis.
Professional and social network maintenance (content planning, editing, analysis, communication maintenance), crisis communication – support and solutions in handling crisis situations, etc.

Advertising tests
Evaluation tests for recognition, attitude, noticability and attractiveness. Analysis of results and recommendations for introducing improvements.

Press releases and Advertorials

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