Customer Relationship Management
Customer contact management process auditing, development and control. Important customer relationship management, opinion research. CRM.
Operating time optimization, operations analysis and elimination of unnecessary / overlapping activities. Detecting servicing speed and developing activity to reach goals.
Customer satisfaction studies, research integration into customer service processes.

Recommendations for CRM system integration / establishment / replacement in the company.
Customer portal.
Customer service support system development, programming and integration into enterprise, IT integration.
Identification of company and customer needs, action simulation, testing and integration into company’s activities. Analysis of the results, necessary incorporation of improvements after a short period of use and accordingly to user feedback.

Customer Service Standards
Good practice guidance, advices and evaluation criterias in a single resource for successful work with clients.
Creation of united and shared understanding of quality customer service, understandable settings, explanation of basic principles, development of action models for standard situations and non-standard situations, model testing.
Detection of mistakes and development of correction process.

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