Personnel, recruiting new teams or replenishment of existing team, headhunting.
Development of selection criteria, determination of each team member’s role and objectives, assessment of competence in the field covered. Candidates testing.
Possible short implementation period, thanks to the database with pre-screened and interviewed professionals.

Freelancer and external staff for project works.
Gathering a working group for terminated projects, receiving outsourcing services. Development of selection criteria, assessment of external service providers, comparison prices of services.
Access to the system – easy work performance overview, easy communication with work executives.

Benefits working with freelancers:
-Pay for results, not for the time spent.
-There is no need to provide working space in the office.
-Possibility to attract freelancer without limiting yourself territorially.

Training, courses, seminars
Team building, integration, motivational, crisis situations, sales, customer service and other courses, seminars and training for your staff development. Activity taking place at your specific location or at us.
The program can be applied to solve specific company issues.

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